Green Biologics announces landmark deals for biobutanol production in China

28th November 2010

GBL set to scale up production of sustainable chemicals and advanced biofuels

Green Biologics Ltd (GBL), a world leader in biobutanol technology, has announced the completion of landmark agreements with the China - UK Low Carbon Enterprise Co Ltd (the joint venture company of the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and the UK’s Carbon Trust) and two of China’s major biochemical firms, Guangxi Jinyuan Biochemical Company Ltd and Lianyungang Union of Chemicals Company Ltd.

GBL will collaborate with its partners to scale up and roll out its advanced biobutanol technology in a deal designed to boost China’s strategy of investment in renewable energy. 

Under the agreements, GBL will provide its advanced fermentation technology to existing production facilities to enable biobutanol production using lower cost sustainable feedstock. 

GBL’s advanced fermentation technology enables the production of renewable butanol and other chemicals from waste and agricultural by-products. GBL’s biobutanol is a substitute for petroleum-based n-butanol, an important chemical used in the production of polymers and plastics and as a solvent in paint. The worldwide n-butanol market is worth over $4 billion per annum with China the fastest growing market.

The global market for biofuels is around $50 billion and growing at 7.5% per annum. GBL’s biobutanol offers a biofuels option for the future that will be lower cost than the existing petroleum-based biofuels of ethanol and biodiesel, is made from a wide range of sustainable waste and cellulosic feedstocks and has superior technical performance. 

Sean Sutcliffe, GBL’s chief executive, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with China’s leading low carbon energy organisation and major biochemical firms. 

“These agreements build on GBL’s successful business development programme in China, where over the last three years our focus has been on introducing advanced technology to allow the profitable operation of existing biobutanol facilities for the chemical market. The relationship with leading Chinese biochemical companies and China - UK Low Carbon Enterprise Co Ltd will allow us to significantly accelerate this process. In addition, these companies can provide a platform for the introduction of the next generation of GBL technology, which will see the roll-out of biobutanol as a low cost advanced biofuel derived from sustainable feedstocks. 

“The business approach in China complements our global strategy of offering technology for the retrofit of ethanol production plants so they can be turned into more profitable biobutanol facilities, and of offering advanced biobutanol plant designs and technology.” 

Dr Andrew Rickman, GBL’s chairman, is also the chairman of Rockley Group. GBL is a portfolio company of Rockley Group, which has recently announced the expansion of its Rockley China Fund to US$200 million. The Fund is focused on provision of expansion capital to companies in the energy and sustainable technologies sector operating in China. 

He said: “This deal is a resounding endorsement of GBL’s leading position in the commercialisation of biobutanol for the fast growing renewable chemicals and biofuels markets in China. It also validates Rockley Group’s strategy of providing investment and support for innovative companies in the energy and sustainability sector, which are attractive to the China market as a source of proven technology solutions to support sustainable economic growth.”

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Dr Andrew Rickman (chairman, GBL) signs agreements with senior representatives from the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and two of China’s major biochemical firms, Guangxi Jinyuan Biochemical Company and Lianyungang Union of Chemicals Company.

About Green Biologics

Green Biologics Ltd (GBL) provides world leading technology, based on advanced fermentation biotechnology, for the production of renewable butanol and high value chemicals from waste and agricultural by-products. 

The company's mission is to provide technology for low cost, low carbon chemicals and fuels to its industrial customers who are typically chemicals companies, sugar producers or ethanol producers. GBL enables its customers to deliver higher profitability more sustainably.

GBL is based near Oxford and serves markets around the world, generating royalty and other revenues from technology provision. GBL supplies biobutanol retrofit technologies for both existing biobutanol and bioethanol plants, as well as technology and plant designs for advanced new build bio-butanol plants. Key markets are China, India, Brazil and the US.

GBL was recently listed as one of the top 10 European Cleantech businesses in the Guardian Cleantech awards. For more information:

About the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP)

The China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group is a state owned enterprise that promotes and advances energy efficiency and environmental protection for industries and districts that have high energy consumption and severe pollution.

In September 2009, the Carbon Trust launched a £10 million low carbon technology investment joint venture agreement with CECEP known as the China-UK Low Carbon Enterprise Co Ltd (CULCEC). This joint venture aims to help create clean energy in China by developing and deploying low carbon technologies. For more information: and