China's Premier supports good governance

5th July 2011

During his recent visit to the UK, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao highlighted the importance of good governance in China and pledged to work hard to shift the model of economic development, and to achieve green, low-carbon and sustainable growth.  Read more here:

China Daily on 1 July – New China-Europe era.


The Daily Telegraph on 27 June – China is building a better future for all.


(an edited version of Premier Wen’s speech to the Royal Society after receiving the King Charles II medal)


The remaining coverage is about Premier Wen’s visit and focuses on his signature of trade deals. 

The Daily Telegraph on 26 June – Chinese premier Wen Jiabao visits Britain.

BBC on 27 June – China’s Premier promises steps to boost UK trade.

FT on 24 June - Trade tops agenda of Wen visit to UK.