Green Biologics is Named # 6 in the 40 Hottest Smaller Companies in the Advanced Bio-Economy by Biofuels Digest

10th November 2014

Company Also Named #28 in the 30 Hottest Companies in Renewable Chemicals 

Abingdon, Oxfordshire U.K. (November 10, 2014) – Green Biologics Ltd. (GBL), a UK based industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals company, was named on November 10, 2014 to the 40 Hottest Smaller Companies in the Advanced Bio-Economy list (#6) and to the 30 Hottest Companies in Bio-based Chemicals and Materials (#28). The Rankings are compiled by Biofuels Digest, and were awarded at a gala reception held at the Fairmont San Francisco, CA. This marks the first time GBL was named to either the Hot 30 or the Hot 40 list.

The Rankings are one of the most-widely cited Rankings sets for any industry. Google contains 64,300 references to the "Hottest companies in bioenergy" and 15,400 references to the "Hottest companies in Renewable Chemicals". For the generic phrase "50 Hottest Companies", the Rankings control 9 of the 10 top results, and all 10 top results for "30 Hottest Companies".

More than 1,000 companies are eligible from the global advanced bio-economy. 50% of the votes came from an invited panel of 140 selectors around the world — CEOs, investors, scientists, consulting engineers, media and other stakeholders. 50% of the votes comes from Digest subscribers.


“We are pleased to have been honoured by inclusion in the Hot 30 and Hot 40 lists," said Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of GBL. Sutcliffe adds, “Our #6 rating in the Hottest 40 Companies in the Advanced Bio-Economy is particularly rewarding, as it acknowledges our success in commercially scaling our technology in China, marketing renewable butanol in the United States and building and starting up our end to end advanced fermentation demonstrator in Emmetsburg, Iowa. We look forward now to repurposing the Central Minnesota Renewables project in Little Falls, Minnesota from ethanol to butanol production for start-up in 2016.”

Joel Stone, President of Green Biologics, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of GBL, was on hand to receive the award in San Francisco. Stone says, “This is a great achievement for Green Biologics, following our recent achievement of being named for a record 3rd time to the Global Cleantech 100 list. This is a high profile award and recognises the hard work and perseverance of our employees, investors, and collaboration partners.” Stone adds, “We are excited about our acquisition and conversion of the Little Falls ethanol plant into a renewable chemicals production platform, and we believe Minnesota will become an epicentre for sustainable, bio-based chemicals.” 

"Green Biologics has been moving up strongly in the past few years, and this year burst into a top position - it's clear the selectors are seeing the importance of the renewable chemicals market, the promise of n-butanol and this technology," says Jim Lane, Editor and Publisher of the Biofuels Digest.   

The complete list of winning companies was revealed on November 10th at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California and can be seen at

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