ButaNext: Innovating to Create a More Effective Generation of Biofuels

15th June 2015

Green Biologics Leads Coordination of European Consortium on Lignocellulosic Butanol 

Gahanna, Ohio and Abingdon, Oxfordshire U.K. (June 15, 2015) – New and improved processes and techniques, based on the cost-effective production of biobutanol, will produce a new generation of cheaper and more environmentally friendly biofuels.

Such is the aim of the new EU-funded ButaNexT project (Next Generation Biobutanol) which held a successful kick off meeting in Brussels on 21-22 May 2015.

􏰀Our proje􏰂t is desig􏰄ed to test, validate a􏰄d opti􏰃ise, at la􏰅 a􏰄d pilot s􏰂ale, the i􏰄dividual stages of the process supply chain to produce cost-competitive biobutanol from three types of lignocellulosic biomass and waste. The final result will contribute to the European 10% target for renewable transportation fuels by 2020􏰁 said Tim Davies from Green Biologics Ltd., the ButaNexT coordinator, during the project kick off meeting.

The partnership includes a multidisciplinary team formed by five SMEs, one large enterprise and three research centres, based in four European countries. Together they will develop new technologies that will allow for the reduction of biobutanol production costs through the diversification of sustainable feedstocks, the improvement of conversion yields and efficiency, and a reduction on energy requirements and water usage.

Based on the final product, the project experts will define the optimal blends of biobutanol with fossil fuels and conventional biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel) to improve their performance characteristics for further selection and validation of the most promising ones to be used in gasoline and diesel engines.

About Green Biologics

Green Biologics Ltd (GBL) is a renewable chemicals company based in Abingdon, England with a wholly o􏰆􏰄ed U.“. operati􏰄g 􏰂o􏰃pa􏰄y, Gree􏰄 Biologi􏰂s I􏰄􏰂., 􏰅ased i􏰄 Gaha􏰄􏰄a, Ohio. GBL’s Clostridium fermentation platform converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high performance green chemicals such as n-butanol, acetone, and through chemical synthesis, derivatives of butanol and acetone used by a growing global consumer and industrial products customer base. The platform combines advanced high productivity fermentation with superior-performing proprietary Clostridium microbial biocatalysts and synthetic chemistry to produce a pipeline of high value green chemicals with optimal performance in downstream formulations.

Green Biologics was named to the Global Cleantech 100 list of the top Cleantech companies in the world for 2014. The company was also #6 on the Hottest Small Companies in the Bioeconomy and #28 on the Hottest 30 list for Bio-based Chemicals and Materials for 2014.

Green Biologics is transforming the global chemicals market, providing its customers with products and technology that are more sustainable and higher value than petroleum-based alternatives. For more information, visit www.greenbiologics.com.

About ButaNext

ButaNexT is coordinated by Green Biologics Ltd. (UK) and will be run in cooperation with 9 European partners: Técnicas Reunidas S.A. (Spain), Fundación CENER (Spain), Dyadic Nederland BV (The Netherlands), C-TECH Innovation Limited (UK), University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research (Belgium), E4tech (UK), Zabala Innovation Consulting S.A. (Spain) and Greenovate! Europe 􏰇Belgiu􏰃􏰈. This i􏰄itiati􏰉e is a􏰆arded u􏰄der the topi􏰂 􏰀LCE-11-2014 Developing next generation technologies for biofuels and sustai􏰄a􏰅le alter􏰄ati􏰉e fuels􏰁 of EU’s Horizo􏰄 2020 progra􏰃􏰃e a􏰄d it ru􏰄s with a budget of 4,599,414 EUR.

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