Investing in Growth Markets

Rockley Group focuses on the following sectors of major growth markets to provide the best combination of economic drivers, opportunity and the expertise of the Rockley Team linked by the common theme of sustainability.

There is an ever-increasing requirement for sustainable production, particularly in the Chinese market. Many companies can achieve sustainable growth from the application of improved technology.  Sustainable economic and environmental growth are key components of a stable and thriving society.

High, long-term energy prices and regulations that encourage the use of renewable energy are continuing to drive investment in this sector.  Rockley Group targets companies with technologies that help to maximise efficiency in extraction, transportation and utilisation.

Information Technology
Lower power consumption has been added to the requirements for increased speed and smaller size that have driven the IT industry to date.  The photonics field plays a key role in addressing these issues.

Data Management
Data handling and security are key areas where superior technology allows the rapid establishment of a dominant market share.  This is especially true in the public sector where the pressures are for budgetary constraint, accountability and the need for environmental and energy sustainability.

Expenditure continues to rise on all aspects of healthcare.  Imaging and software based medical diagnostic equipment provide defensible business models and moderate development costs.  Novel applications of new technologies can produce breakthrough solutions to previously intractable problems.

Industrial efficiency
Companies offering technologies to deliver cost and efficiency advantages, reduce environmental impact and improve health and safety all provide compelling investment opportunities.

Improved Natural Resource Use
The need for sustainable production and reduced pollution is driving the adoption of improved technologies in the agricultural and forest products industries.  Reduced pesticide use, more efficient irrigation, less polluting and more energy efficient wood processing mills are examples of investment opportunities.