Rockley Portfolio

Since 2004, The Rockley philosophy is to target businesses in large and timely markets and dedicate significant management time in guiding their development, ensuring a supportive investor base and aiding access to international markets.

Green bio

CHAIN Biotech
CHAIN Biotechnology develops Clostridium bacteria for a wide range of biotech applications. The company was founded in 2014 and is based at Imperial College, London and the University of Nottingham.


Intelligent Sensor Systems
Optical fibre sensor systems and services for the energy sector (China).  Partnered with the Shandong Academy of Sciences.  Customers include major coal, oil and power producers in China.

Green bio

Optical instrumentation and sensor systems for high efficiency aero and car engines.


China’s leading supplier of Epitaxial and silicon on insulate wafers for the domestic semiconductor industry. These products are crucial in the growing market for energy efficient semi-conductor devices.

Green bio

Green Biologics
Bio chemicals and bio fuels production technology. Production partnerships in China, South Africa, Brazil and India.

Laihe Rockley

Lignicell Refining Biotechnologies Co., Ltd
Large scale commercial ABE producer using cellulosic material in their feedstock mix to produce 'green' chemicals such as butanol to replace petrochemical alternatives.


Rockley Photonics
Rockley Photonics was founded in mid 2013 by a team with the leading commercial track record in silicon photonics; the optical analogy of silicon microelectronics.